The Resume of Moses Fridman

Moses A. Fridman
Contact         Sofware Engineering Associates, Inc.
                14221 Sunbury, Livonia MI 48154.
                Phone: (734) 421 8505

Interests       Digital signal processing, vibration analysis, data
                acquisition and control, neural networks/AI,
                computer programming.

Education       Case Western Reserve University, M.S. Electrical Engineering
                Graduated in May, 1999, GPA 3.2/4.0
                Case Western Reserve University, B.S. Physics
                Graduated in May, 1996, GPA 3.2/4.0

Relevant        Undergraduate: Numerical Methods, Laboratory
Courses         Physics I-IV, Solid State Physics, Physical Optics,
                Electricity and Magnetism I-II, Statistical Mechanics,
                Thermodynamics, Computer Control of Systems.
                Graduate: Autonomous Robotics, Quantum Mechanics I,
                Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Computational
                Intelligence.  Dynamics of Rotating Machinery

Research Area   Vibration analysis of rotating machinery using traditional
                and new techniques, such as nonlinear dynamics (chaos).

Computer        Programming languages:  C, Fortran, MS QuickBasic, Pascal;
Skills          HPIB data acquisition/control; Systems: MSDOS,
                HP3852a, MacOS, Windows NT, HP-UX, Linux.
                Software packages: Mathematica, Matlab, LMS CADA-X.

Work            May 1996-present.  Project Engineer, supervisor:
Experience      Alex Fridman (313) 421 8505.  Worked with Ford Motor
                Co., Vand Dyke plant, and Northern Ampower Corporation
                to develop hardware and software for an end of line
                vibration analysis system, to detect defects in
                automotive transmissions.  Duties include mechanical and
                software specification, development, testing, and prove-out.
                Software Engineering Associates, Livonia MI,

                Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH.
                Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied
                Physics, August 1996-January 1999. Teaching Assistant.
                Teaching lab sections, grading assignments.  Research
                Assistant, Dr. Ken Loparo and Dr. Maurice Adams, advisors.
                Software Engineering Associates, Livonia MI,

                May-August 1994: Student Programmer; Supervisor:
                Alex Fridman (313) 421 8505
                Learned ANSI C programming language; wrote small file utility for
                MH email system, DOS based.

                CWRU Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
                General Motors Engines Lab, programmer.  Supervisor:  Isaac
                Greber, (216) 368 6451; Jan 1993 - May 1995
                Wrote and maintained a data acquisition/control program for
                the Hewlett-Packard HP3852a system, with IBM PC HPIB interface;
                Also did some hardware and electronics maintenance.
                This was used for high speed measurements of running automobile

                Software Engineering Associates, Livonia MI, May-August 1993
                Student Programmer; Supervisor: Alex Fridman (313) 421 8505
                Programming update to control system in Fortran, for DEC PDP/11
                running Micro-RSX, for Anti-Lock Braking test machine in
                Belvedere, IL assembly plant.

                Burger King Corporation, Westland MI, May 1990-August 1990.
                Crew Member.  Flopped Whoppers.

Honors          Undergraduate: Provost Scholarship; National Merit
                Scholarship; Dean's List: Fall 1992, Spring/Fall 1993,
                Spring/Fall 1996; English Dept. Poetry Prize, Spring
                1995; Short story published in Case Review; Placed in
                several Engineers Week events.

Activities      Intramural Football; Physics and Astronomy Club;
                Residence Hall Association representative; Habitat for

Status          U.S. Citizen

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