Alex Fridman

Software Engineering Associates, Inc.
14221 Sunbury St., Livonia, MI 48154
tel: 734-421-8505 fax: 734-421-8505


February, 1985 - to date, Owner - Operator, Software Engineering Associates, Inc.

Consultant, system integrator, and software developer in the following areas.

   Most recent work has been in the field of wholesale client server application development;
   automotive drive train and end-of-line testing, control, and data acquisition systems, as well
   as aftermarket test tools, including automotive transmission test stand control and vibration
   analysis, wheel alignment, and ABS brake testing.

Miscellaneous Hardware:

April, 1982 - January, 1985, Senior Systems Analyst, General Motors Assembly Division.

Software developed included RSX-11 BSC communication driver, the system
to upload and download programmable devices and to maintain a library of
programs for these devices, and the communication system for file transfer
between PDP-11 running RSX-11 and IBM  network. Conducted a feasibility
study for fault-tolerant processing in a VAX cluster environment.


May, 1977 - April, 1982, Senior System Analyst/Project Leader, System Associates, Inc. (later Cimlinc, Inc.), 1957 Crooks Rd., Troy, MI 48084.

Developed applications included Time and Attendance, AS/RS, Conveyor Control,
Data Acquisition, Inventory Control, and Communications. Operating System
level software developed included I/O and communication drivers and a general
purpose high speed file management system for material handling/inventory
control applications.


Skill Summary

Operating Systems


Communication Protocols

Statistical Packages:



M. S. in Mathematics, St. Petersburg State University, Russia, July, 1975.


U.S. Citizen

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